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Removing Ink Stains

July 25, 2012 Posted in: Copy Machines,Printers
While cleaning out or even printing out an important document from your Xerox machine, an errant drop of ink somehow found itself onto your shirt.  It is also possible that the ink on the document you just printed out was still fresh and you accidentally touched it and got it on your clothes.  In any […]

Fixing a Paper Jam in Your Xerox Machine

July 20, 2012 Posted in: Copy Machines,Printers
You were tasked with printing out a bunch of forms for an upcoming meeting until all of a sudden you hear a grinding noise come from the Xerox machine; you look at the display and it tells you there is a paper jam.  After constant use this is bound to happen but there is no […]

Cleaning Your Xerox Machine

July 11, 2012 Posted in: Copy Machines,Printers
Having  a Xerox machine in the office is one of the most useful and convenient things to have.  You can make copies, fax documents, and of course  you can print out as many documents as you want.  And, you can do all of this very quickly.  This is what makes Xerox machines very useful to […]

Directions and Signage

June 12, 2012 Posted in: Copy Machines
This is the time of year when garage sales and barbecues are in full swing across America. People are inviting friends and relatives over for some good old fashioned outdoor fun. Sprinklers, sparklers, hot dogs, and hamburgers are the spice of life during the summer and everyone loves to enjoy them with friends. One of the best […]

Xerox as a Brand

June 5, 2012 Posted in: Copy Machines
When someone asks you to hand them a tissue they ask for a “Kleenex”. When they want a pain reliever they will ask for “Tylenol” or “Advil”. Back in the day every refrigerator was a “Frigidaire”. The power of brands is a strong one and can really promote a company to new heights. Xerox is one of […]

Using Photocopy Machines For Filing Important Information

May 21, 2012 Posted in: Copy Machines,Printers
Offices not only use the xerox machines they have available for the sake of getting client work done, but also to keep things organized within the office itself. Internal management is just as vital for success and efficiency as productivity. Photocopy machines can replicate important documents like office forms for employees such as contact information, […]

Xerox Machines and Cooperating With Copyrights

May 7, 2012 Posted in: Copy Machines,facts
Xerox machines became a prominent technology in 1959. Their invention was extremely useful but it did require the laws on copyrights be drastically revised because it introduced a whole new dimension to the debate. The copy machine made it easier for people to replicate and distribute information. While being a fantastic way to share information, […]

Xerox Machines Are Reinventing How Healthcare Is Managed

April 30, 2012 Posted in: Copy Machines
The medical world has always been swamped with paperwork. Patients and doctors alike must constantly refill forms– updating them with the most current healthcare information, medical history, and address. Also, x-rays, charts and test results flood offices constantly. Copies need to be made to share with patients, and hospitals and specialists need to know the […]

Xerox Machine Tips: Scanning Documents to Send to Computer or Email

April 25, 2012 Posted in: Copy Machines
We should really be happy that technology exists to make our lives easier. With each new machine, one annoying step has been taken out of the process. Multifunction Xerox copy machines are a prime example of why we can no longer live without such conveniences. One major convenience is having the copy machine send files […]

Use Xerox Machines For School Projects

April 9, 2012 Posted in: Copy Machines,Printers
There comes a time when every school will assign some sort of photo journal or photo collage project. This is an inevitable fact. Whether it’s for some kind of history class or art class, the use of pictures will need to be employed. Sometimes this may require some cutting, cropping, and pasting of the pictures […]